Welcome to Shivang Home Stay

The word Shivang is made up of combination of two words SHIVA and ANG.SHIVA means lord Shiva and ANG means body part. Hence Shivang means place where Lord Shiva resides. Shivang Home Stay is situated at Jibhi,one of the beautiful valley of Kullu under Banjar valley. Guest house is constructed in the middle of apple garden having 200 apple trees along with small river named Jibhi river. Beautiful natural view of hills covered with snow in winter and hills covered with greenery in summer along with big hilly trees like Deodar, Kail, Rai, Tosh can be seen from every part of the guest house. Temple of lord Shiva and Shesh Nag can be seen in the every morning at a distance of 100 and 300 mtr. Chirping of birds with cool breeze of river can be listen and feel at every moment. With the mountains as a backdrop and the tall pine forests and devdar trees along with greenery all around on the frontier makes the whole place a destination in itself and a picturesque one as well. You can enjoy and spent some precious moments by sitting in a beautiful loan with different kind of flowers in every season in Shivang Home Stay. You can visit whole apple garden especially in the month of Jul and Aug when the every branch is loaded with the bunches of apple. Enjoy and spent some precious moment in the bank of river 100m away from the guest house.